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Britney has the baby blues

Unexcited mother-to-be spotted shopping for baby clothes
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Looks like Britney Spears is thinking pink — but feeling blue.

The pop star — who has yet to confirm or deny the latest round of pregnancy rumors — recently did some baby clothes shopping at the ritzy Los Angeles store Petit Tresor, says a source, and was overheard indicating that she is indeed expecting another child. And, according to the insider, she’s hoping that her second child is a girl.

“She wasn’t really buying that much,” says the source. “She just picked out a few things. She doesn’t yet know whether it will be a boy or a girl, but she’s really hoping for a girl this time. She’d love to buy her new baby pretty, frilly things.” Spears also visited the store when she was pregnant with Sean Preston, but the insider says she had a different demeanor.

“She wasn’t as excited this time around,” says the source. “She was pleasant, but seemed more sedate. She wasn’t as bubbly.”

In other Britney-baby watch news, another source reports seeing the singer at Shu, a trendy restaurant in Bel Air that specializes in sushi, but Spears was avoiding the raw fish. “I guess she might let baby Sean get dropped on his head,” says the source, “But she’s not stupid. She knows better than to eat raw fish when she’s pregnant.”

Beautiful music together?Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears’ ex-sweetie, has revealed that he performed a few duets with his current sweetie, Cameron Diaz. Don’t expect to hear them, however. They’ll never make it to the recording studio.

“We sang a couple of duets in the car once,” Timberlake told the Scottish Daily record. “They didn't go so well. Nevertheless it was fun.” Some different collaborations will, however, make it onto his next album — which is due later this year. Snoop Dogg and Nelly Furtado will be among those providing vocals

Timberlake also wants to continue with his acting career, though he says he’s trying to be picky about scripts. “You know, it's the same when I came out with my solo record. I wanted that to be something no one expected because it's easy to do what everybody expects from you,” he said.  “With film it's the same. I'd rather do something that challenges me. I have been sent an enormous amount of scripts, some of them were teen movies, some of them were actually funny. But I didn't want people to think I would capitalize on my music, you know. And it's not what I wanted to be known for.”Notes from all over
George Clooney
has single handedly increased real estate values around his vacation home in Cuomo, Italy, according to the London Times.  ...Paris Hilton had an environmental ban lifted in Austria so she could fly into a PR event. Helicopters are usually forbidden from the resort down Ischgl in Tyrol because of the noise and pollution. Austrian authorities lifted the ban for the hotel heiress, who didn’t to be driven to the launch of a new sparkling wine drink in a can in the Austrian city. ...Meanwhile, Dominic Monaghan has made the shocking allegation that Hilton is publicity hungry. The “Lord of the Rings” and “Lost” star said he’s not one of those celebs who court media attention — like you-know-who. “I’m not like Paris Hilton,” he said, reports the London Mirror. “I don't play that game of ‘Please leave me alone’ and then go to the Ivy and cry my eyes out."

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