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Britney fears she will share Princess Di’s fate

According to the UK’s News of the World, Britney is obsessed with Princess Diana and now believes she will meet the same tragic fate as the People’s Princess.
/ Source: news services

Her personal downward spiral may have made Britney Spears a No. 1 hit with the paparazzi, but the problematic pop star worries about where that will lead her. According to the UK’s News of the World, Britney is obsessed with Princess Diana and now believes she will meet the same tragic fate as the People’s Princess.

“She’s utterly obsessed with Princess Diana. We’re worried about it,” a friend of Brit’s told the paper. “She’s turned one of the rooms in her house into a shrine to Di — there’s photos, books and cheap souvenirs everywhere.”

But the infatuation doesn’t end with memorabilia, as her pal explained. “Britney has told people she truly believes she and Diana share the same path, the same destiny! She’s taken to surrounding herself with anything connected with the princess.”

The News of the World report also claims that Britney wants to buy Diana’s wedding gown, or at least a good copy of it. She’s even considered contacting Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer of the famous dress.

“People close to Britney think it’s weird but no one dares tell her as she is so vulnerable right now. Anything could tip her over the edge,” the insider revealed to NOTW. “We’re all very worried as her behavior is getting weirder by the day.”

Amy’s crazy in loveJust when it seemed like Amy Winehouse’s erratic public behavior had passed, the R&B singer is back to acting like a trainwreck, or at least acting like a wreck at the train station. But this time Daily Mirror credits her antics to amour rather than substance abuse.

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Allegedly Amy was so distressed at the thought of leaving hubby Blake Fielder-Civil behind as she readied for her Paris departure, she couldn’t keep it together at the security check. “Amy was crying, gesticulating wildly and shouting while the man with her was trying to calm her and get her through the gate. She mentioned Blake’s name more than once,” a source told the Mirror.

The scene didn’t end there. “Eventually they went through security, but then Amy came running back. She hurdled the security gate then ran up the escalator,” a passenger related to the paper. “It was quite a sight — this tiny girl with a massive beehive leaping over a barrier. It was pretty clear she was not keen on getting on that train to Paris.”

A police officer stopped Amy, but simply encouraged her to go ahead with her travel plans, rather than detain her. What was so important in Paris to tear the young lovers apart despite all the drama? Fashion shows!

What Mariah doesn’t know could fill a houseThe latest issue of Glamour magazine offers a photo a tour of Mariah Carey’s 12,000 square foot Tribeca triplex, and an interview with the diva about her massive penthouse. But it might have been a better idea to chat the architect rather than the singer.

Evidently the estate is so palatial that Mariah couldn’t figure out how many bathrooms it contained. “I don’t know! Do you really want me to try and think about it?”

Cut her a break — she’s only lived there for six years.

Dish on the flyWilliam Shatner recently championed actors’ rights on the “Boston Legal” set, according to the National Enquirer’s Mike Walker. When a bossy assistant director wasn’t so respectful to extras, the Priceline shill shouted, “YOU DON’T SPEAK TO ACTORS LIKE THAT! ... Your tone of voice and superior attitude won’t be tolerated on this set. Apologize NOW!” And when the Shatner speaks, assistant directors obey. … If mom and pops have anything to say about it, Violet Affleck won’t follow in their acting footsteps. Jennifer Garner told People magazine how she and Ben Affleck would handle any acting ambitions from their offspring. “We would just kibosh it!”

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