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Is Britney falling out of the Kabbalah zone?

Has Britney Spears given up on the healing powers of Kabbalah?
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Has Britney Spears given up on the healing powers of Kabbalah?

The troubled singer recently has injured her knee, cancelled her concert tour, and was puppy-shopping with her mother when said Mom mowed down a cameraman, and sharp-eyed fans have noticed that she’s lately been trolling around without the signature red-string bracelet.

“She has been spending a lot of time with her mother, and from what I hear her mother doesn’t approve, so that might have something to do with it,” says a source. “But from what I hear, she’s pretty hardcore, so I wouldn’t write her off as a Kabbalah devotee.”

Spears' spokeswoman assures The Scoop that indeed, she’s still a student of Kabbalah. Another source points out that the string bracelet supposedly crumbles and falls off when it’s absorbed too much negative energy. “With what she’s been going through, maybe her bracelets keep crumbling.”

Meanwhile, other sharp-eyed fans — as well as some nasty cynics — have noticed that Britney is using her crutch on her uninjured side. As points out, you’re supposed to use the crutch on the injured side; Britney is wearing a knee brace on the left side, but carrying a crutch under her right arm, causing some to speculate about the severity of her injury. “Either Britney hasn’t yet figured out how to work a crutch, or she really, really didn’t want to go on tour so that she could hang out with her skeezy dancer boyfriend,” reports Defamer.

“Her arm gets sore,” the spokeswoman explains. “So she switches sides.”

Boy meets religionA boy bander has seen the light.

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is reportedly close to signing a deal with a Christian music label. The Backstreet Boys sold 68 million albums, but sales have cooled lately, and now Littrell is about to sign with Provident Music Group, which records Christian inspirational music, Littrell told the Tennessean. He will continue to record with the Backstreet Boys, however.

Littrell is considering doing a reworked, spiritual version of the Marvin Gaye/James Taylor song “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You.”

A. J. McLean, Littrell’s hell-raising, recovering alcoholic bandmate, might also appear on the religious label. “A.J. and I have talked about doing a duet,” Littrell told the Tennessean. “I’m not trying to dirty up the Christian market, though. He’ll have to behave.”

Notes from all overAlicia Keyes is in talks about performing with Prince, says a source.  . . . Kirsten Dunst, promoting "Spider-Man 2," revealed that she and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal once got so irritated with paparazzi that they brought eggs to an L.A. dog park and all the dog owners threw the eggs at the photogs.  . . .  Kevin Smith, promoting “Jersey Girl” in Europe, says he realized he may have made a mistake in casting Jennifer Lopez during a test screening. He saw the extent of contempt for Lopez when someone in a focus group wrote: “I’d tell my friends to go see this movie because J. Lo dies.”

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