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Britney court papers mention kid punishment

A recent order from the Los Angeles Superior Court leaves many wondering if Britney Spears’ increasingly erratic behavior includes violence towards her children.
/ Source: news services

A recent order from the Los Angeles Superior Court leaves many wondering if Britney Spears’ increasingly erratic behavior includes violence towards her children. After close examination of court documents regarding current custody arrangements between Britney and Kevin Federline, OK! magazine found this surprising mention: “Each party is restrained from using corporal punishment with the minor children and from allowing anyone else to do so.”

While there are no public accusations of Britney beating her kids, OK! reports that K-Fed told his family about Britney’s allegedly-abusive ways. “Sometimes she’d hit him with her fists,” a member of Kevin’s family told the magazine. “She threw things at him. There’s no doubt Britney has a temper.”

One of Brit’s friends came to the pop star’s defense. “If she was cooking and Preston would reach for the burner, Brit would tap his hand and tell him, ‘Don’t touch that! It’s hot!,’ ” the friend explained. “That is a very different thing than smacking your children with a belt or ruler.” The friend also revealed to OK! that the troubled singer is trying to make things right by hiring nannies. “She’s got a lot on her plate,” the friend added. “But to accuse her of hitting her kids is far-fetched. She would do anything for those babies and would give her own life in a heartbeat to make sure they have a good life.”

Simon says: “See the doctor!”
Sing in front of surly Simon Cowell at your own risk, some might say. But recently, when the judgmental Brit criticized a woman’s voice, it wasn’t just another snide comment coming out of his notoriously nasty mouth. This time Simon’s observation may have saved the singer’s life, reports the UK Mirror.

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Despite the disappointment, Jacqui took Simon and Sharon’s advice, and after a series of medical tests, got some unsettling news. “I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis and told if I had not got it seen to, it could have killed me,” she said. The condition can be treated with physiotherapy and antibiotics, reports the Mirror, though in some cases, the damaged part of the lung must be removed.

“I want to thank them both,” Jacqui said of Simon and Sharon. “I may not have got through ‘X Factor’ but they gave me something much more important than that ... they really did save my life.”

Good riddance, Tom! Bridget’s got a new man
New England Patriots QB Tom Brady may have pulled up stakes and taken up with supermodel Gisele Bündchen, but his ex, Bridget Moynahan isn’t sitting at home alone. At least not since she gave birth to their son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, according to OK! magazine.

“Sure, Tom’s with a younger woman now, but Bridget has his child. The pain of dealing with the fallout of their failed romance has been overtaken with the joy of motherhood,” a source told the publication. Yes, it looks like little John has filled the gap left by big Tom for the model and actress. “Right now her baby boy is the main man in her life,” an insider shared.

Dish on the fly:
Thanks to his arguably noxious number one hit, “You’re Beautiful,” bashful James Blunt can’t go “number two” in public, for fear of being watched. “If I'm in a pub and go to the loo, people are wondering what I'm doing in there,” the singer told Contact Music. "(They're like) He's been in there a while. He's definitely not taking a p--s. “... You’d think unbelievably beautiful Uma Thurman could do better, but apparently not. Gawker reports a recent Uma sighting in New York, in which her date gallantly sent Uma off in a cab. But according to Gawker’s spy, seconds after he shut her door, the dude was on his cell bragging like “a total jock” about his “date with Uma.”

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