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Britney admits her father saved her life

“My father saved my life,” Britney told the Daily Star. “I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”
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Now that she’s put her dark days behind her, Britney Spears feels better than she has in years and she says she owes it all to one person: her dad.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the singer praised her conservator-father Jamie for his efforts and self-sacrifice.

“My father saved my life,” Britney explained. “I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”

The pop star confessed she hasn’t always been the perfect daughter, but said her dad “basically gave up his job and his life to look after me at a time when I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go on living.”

Though she initially resisted Jamie’s court-ordered control, Britney admits it’s the very thing that saved her.

“I owe him my life,” she told the paper.

Jessica Simpson nearly left the music biz
Before jumping on the country-music bandwagon, Jessica Simpson nearly turned her back on the music business all together.

The singer told E! News she was ready to throw in the towel after flubbing her way through a tribute to Dolly Parton at the Kennedy Center in 2006.

“You know, what happened at Kennedy Center, I really thought I was done singin’,” Jessica confessed. “I was just at a place where I’d lost a lot of confidence and I didn’t even know who I was.”

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She may have stayed in that place, too, if it weren’t for Dolly. The country legend wasn’t about to see a career come to an end over one of her own songs.

“Dolly totally took me under her wing and helped me up and over the cares of the world,” Jessica said. “It went from the Kennedy Center to her being a part of this (new) record and getting letters from her of encouragement. She told me she’s never been more proud of anything in her whole life. And I have it written down in her handwriting!”

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