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The British royal family tree: The full list of Queen Elizabeth II's descendants

The British royal family tree has many bright and shiny gilded apples including Queen Elizabeth's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
/ Source: TODAY

As the United Kingdom and people around the globe mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II, no group will bear the loss more than the members of her family.

Since 1952, Elizabeth served as Britain’s head of the Commonwealth with her late husband, Prince Philip, at her side for seven decades before his death in 2021. Years before her reign and a year after their wedding, they began a family, starting with Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir apparent to the British throne. 

Three other children came after, and their ventures into adulthood brought about storied marriages that captured the international spotlight. Then, with more grandchildren, there came more regal weddings and marriages to feed the global obsession. With the addition of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, to the royal ranks, the family's megastar wattage turned up. As the first woman of color to marry into the family during the modern age, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, only throttled public interest in royal power.

By Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch had become great-grandmother to 12 children. The royal family tree is ever-expanding, with the different heirs branching off and forming their own lines of succession. 

Here’s a look at where the British family members stand now.

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