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Bristol Palin in Hollywood: "We'll Take Good Care of Her," Says New Disney Star Roommate

Would someone please explain to us who came up with the idea for Bristol Palin's new reality show.
/ Source: E!online

Would someone please explain to us who came up with the idea for Bristol Palin's new reality show.

We get the whole cameras following her moving from Arizona to Los Angeles thing, but how did the plan come to include her and baby Tripp living with Disney star Kyle Massey and his brother, Chris?

Ask the Masseys about it and...

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They don't seem to know exactly what is going on either. "In our field, our profession, you can say a lot of things can happen that you never expected," Kyle told me last night at Britney Spears' Beverly Hills fundraiser for the St. Bernard Project. "We're just sort of along for the right now."

Kyle, 19, and Bristol, 20, became friends when they competed on last season's Dancing With the Stars.

"That's such a good question," Kyle said when I asked how the Bio Channel series came about. "We've been in contact with Palins...The show is going to be a lot of fun."

Will they be babysitting Tripp? "I wouldn't make a bad babysitter," Kyle said.

Chris, 21, jokingly disagreed. "We definitely won't be leaving the baby in Kyle's hands," he said. "That would be a child babysitting another child."

The Masseys predict Bristol will enjoy being roomies. "I think she'll be really good because with us we always have a good time," Chris said. "We're gonna show her the ropes for sure."

Kyle added, "We'll take good care of her."

Any worries about getting sucked into the media circus that surrounds Sarah Palin and family? "I'm never nervous," Kyle said. "Even when I was on Dancing With the Stars and the producers were like, 'Thirty millions people are watching.' You don't gain anything by being nervous."

As for their politics, the brothers are neutral--at least that's what they're saying. "I'm going to run for governor some day," Kyle said with a big laugh.

As a Republican or Democrat? "A combination probably," he said. "I'm a...Repulicrat!"

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