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Bristol Palin: Brother doesn't get why I'm doing 'Dancing With the Stars' again

Adam Taylor / ABC / Today
Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin played the Black King and White Queen on Monday's show.

Despite receiving the lowest scores on Monday’s show, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas avoided elimination again on Tuesday night’s results program that sent not one, but two former champs (Helio Castroneves and Drew Lachey) packing.

“I’m bummed to see everyone go, definitely,” Palin told reporters after the show. “It sucks that there’s a double elimination.”

While some exchanges between pros and stars are comical – e.g. Valentin Chmerkovskiy joking to partner Kelly Monaco that she is twice as old as he is (she’s not, by the way) – sometimes, as with Palin and Ballas’ emotional meltdown on Monday, the segments can be painfully awkward.

Did the couple think that their disagreement would hurt them with voters?

“I don’t know,” Palin said.

“Obviously, not,” replied Ballas, referring to the pair surviving another week.  

Well, yes, but what about before they were called safe?

“These things happen,” Ballas said, regarding the discussion the two had in the rehearsal hall where Palin tearfully told Ballas that she felt he’d be happier if he were paired with past partners Shawn Johnson or Sabrina Ryan. “If something happens in the studio they’re going to film it. It’s not up to us what they show in the package. We don’t even see them before the show.”

“They’re going to take the most dramatic beat,” Palin added.

It was pointed out to Palin that, for the most part, she remains unphased by the drama that goes on at “DWTS.”

“I keep things in perspective, definitely,” she said. “I have a lot of other things going on. My brother’s (Track Palin) in Afghanistan. I talked to him the other day. He didn’t even know I was on the show (again.) That just keeps things in perspective.”

What did Track say about his sister signing up for the show again?

“He’s like, ‘What? You’re on it again? Why?’ ” Palin revealed.

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