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Brie Larson posts sweet tribute to her 9-year-old 'Room' co-star Jacob Tremblay

It's been a big year for Brie Larson, who's earned the Academy Award for Best Actress — as well as the BAFTA, Critic's Choice, Golden Globe and SAG awards.

But Larson has more than just accolades to show for her hard work in the mother-son drama "Room." She also has a special friendship.

The actress honored 9-year-old pal and co-star Jacob Tremblay in a sweet tribute on Instagram Wednesday.

Larson looked back on the last 28 weeks they've spent promoting the film, recalling their very first toast ("He had chocolate milk and I had red wine") and their most recent one ("He had a soda and I had a sake").

But most of all, as they wrap up their efforts, she celebrated everything that's happened in between.

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"Together we have traveled the globe, spent almost two years hanging out, playfully arguing about things like who can hold their breath longer and talking at length about Room," she wrote. "At its core, every step of the way has been taken with love. We were generous and patient with each other. We laughed a lot, especially when it was hard. We picked each other up, answered for the other when one was tired and always kept silliness alive."

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And it's obvious that respect and admiration go both ways.

"Thank you Brie!" Tremblay wrote in response when he reposted the photo of their raised glasses. "I have had so much fun with you!"

He added the hashtags "#byebyeroom," "#bff" and "#bestcoworker."

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