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Bridal-shop owner claims $1 million 'Survivor' prize

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"Survivor: One World" contestants Kim Spradlin, center, Chelsea Meissner, right, and Sabrina Thompson react after Spradlin is crowned sole survivor.

After 39 days braving the elements in Upolu, Samoa, bridal shop owner Kim Spradlin was able to outwit, outplay and outlast her competitors to take home the CBS show's $1 million prize Sunday.

Beating out teacher Sabrina Thompson and medical saleswoman Chelsea Meissner for the prize on "Survivor: One World's" finale, Spradlin was part of the first-ever all-female final five.

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Developing an alliance with Thompson and Meissner early on in the game, which featured tribes of men vs. women living on the same beach, the trio banded together after the tribes merged to vote off the men one by one.

"We were a mess at the beginning, and then we just pulled it together," Thompson, -- who earned two votes from a jury of her peers to Spradlin's seven -- said Sunday. Christina Cha and Alicia Rosa rounded out season 24's top five contestants.

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Winning numerous individual immunity challenges -- two on Sunday's finale alone -- helped Spradlin dominate the game, and for that she was awarded $100,000 from Sprint after being named the Player of the Season.

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Also on Sunday's finale, host Jeff Probst revealed that Survivor's 25th season would be filmed in the Philippines, with three former contestants -- who were each medically evacuated during their season -- returning to compete against new players.

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