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Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon slow-jam the fiscal cliff. Oh, yeah.

In what context is it acceptable to refer to "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams as Brilly Willy? Or Honey Bri Bri?

In the context of slow-jamming the news on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," that's what. The "Rock Center with Brian Williams" host returned to the "Late Night" stage and along with The Roots, broke down a complicated news issue, R&B style.

While Williams, Fallon and the Roots tend to be the stars of the slow-jam show, another member of the NBC family got a shout-out in the fiscal cliff breakdown -- TODAY's Al Roker. Roots member Tariq Trotter cleared up the United States' debt situation singing, "The United States clearly couldn't get any broker, gotta liquidate its assets, like Al Roker." 

Oh, yeah.

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