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Brett Favre Sued for Sexual Harassment

Brett Favre's history of throwing "bombs" off the field just caught up with him.
/ Source: E!online

Brett Favre's history of throwing "bombs" off the field just caught up with him.

The NFL's star quarterback is on the receiving end of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by two massage therapists who claim he tried to solicit them for group sex while he was playing for the New York Jets during the 2008 season.

Read the full complaint here

The harassment complaint, filed in New York State Supreme Court by Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, alleges the pair lost out on job opportunities with the Jets after Favre came on to Scavo via text by treating her like "a hanging slab of meat" and seeking to engage in a threesome with another unidentified third therapist.

"Brett here you and crissy want to get together im all alone," court papers quote him as texting, while another message read, "Kinda lonely tonight. I guess I have bad intentions."

Scavo stated that she told her husband, Joseph Scavo, about the saucy texts and he subsequently demanded Favre apologize, but the footballer "responded in an inappropriate manner and refused."

According to the suit, when she and O'Toole refused Favre's advances and complained to the Jets, they were never hired again by the team. Lisa Ripi, the executive charged with supervising the massage therapists for the team, even allegedly told O'Toole, "Chrissy and you will never work for the Jets again" and threatened her to "keep your mouth shut."

The suit, which seeks unspecified damages, also names Jets management and Ripi.

The women's lawyer David Jaroslawicz told E! News: "They had come forward some time ago, but Ms. Ripi's email saying they would never work for the Jets again and the Jets' refusal to permit them to work left them no choice."

The future Hall of Famer, now with the Minnesota Vikings though planning to retire (again) after being sidelined recently with a concussion, declined to comment on the matter. The same went for his agents, the Jets and the NFL as well.

In an interview with Good Morning America, however, the women's attorney, Elizabeth Eilander, expressed skepticism that the Jets camp was working to maintain a healthy workplace environment.

"It's clear that there's no change going on at the Jets, and it's not right, and it happens to be illegal," said the legal eagle. "He was propositioning my client and another massage therapist repeatedly."

The Jets organization also drew heat and a sexual harassment claim at the beginning of the season when Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz stated she felt unnverved after players made rude jokes about her in the men's locker room.

The Jets have issued their own statement regarding Favre through their law firm, saying the women never reported any wrongdoing to the team.

"Unfortunately, the plaintiffs never reported the allegations to the Jets, either during or after the conclusion of their work. The case against the Jets is completely without merit, and we look forward to defending the matter in court, where we are confident that the Jets will prevail."

The legal salvo comes just days after Favre was fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with a league investigation of a high-profile scandal that occurred around the same time the alleged harassment incidents were said to have taken place. Deadspin reported that Favre allegedly was the star player accused of sexting Jets gameday hostess Jenn Sterger bombarding her with racy voicemail messages and lewd photos of his junk.

Favre subsequently fessed up to leaving the voicemails, but denied sending the offensive pics. In any case, while the NFL opted not to suspend the quarterback, it did hit him where it counts: his pocketbook, though it's a relative drop in the bucket considering the guy earned $11.6 million last year.

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