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Bret Michaels ends concert early after suffering diabetic emergency

Bret Michaels performing in April in New York City. The former lead singer of Poison has had type 1 diabetes most of his life.

Musician and reality-show star Bret Michaels was forced to cancel a concert Thursday night when, just a few songs into the set, he left the stage due to "extremely low" blood sugar, according to a statement on his Facebook page.

Guitarist Pete Evick posted the announcement overnight, giving his own account of what happened at the Manchester, N.H. show:

A couple of hours later, "Team Bret" posted to indicate Michaels' situation had stabilized:

Michaels, 51, has type 1 diabetes. The illness played a part in his appearances on at least two reality shows: "Celebrity Apprentice" (which he ultimately won in 2010, raising money for the American Diabetes Association) and "Rock of Love" (in which he experienced another, less severe, low blood sugar incident).

Staying well on the road is a continual challenge, he told Diabetes Health in 2007. "It's all about maintaining a balance," he said. "That's the weirdest thing for a rock star to say: 'balance.' But as a diabetic rock star, it's been about balance in my life. For every rose, there's a thorn: that's a song we have, and that's what it is. It's finding a sense of balance."

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