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Bree Turner talks 'Grimm' wedding and role in 'My Best Friend's Wedding'

Get ready, "Grimm" fans — it's almost time. Not only is season three of the fairy-tale crime drama wrapping up Friday night, but before the show says so long for the summer, two beloved characters will swap vows. Actress Bree Turner, who plays Monroe's intended Rosalee, is already prepared for the wedding gifts.

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Bree Turner recreates ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ dance

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Bree Turner recreates ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ dance

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"I think a lot of ... laser hair removal packages," Turner predicted of the presents during a Friday morning stop to TODAY.

But just because there's a wedding on the way doesn't mean it will be all gifts, goodies and happily ever after for Rosalee and Monroe. After all, some aren't so happy about their interspecies (in the world of the Wesen) match.

"I'm a fox; he's a wolf," she said. "(But) it's been very Montagues-Capulets (where family is concerned)."

And while it's all fantasy, there's a real-life narrative behind it all.

"It's been kind of fun, because I think in the fantasy genre you have a little bit more room to touch on social issues without being heavy handed about it," she said. "I think with this story line, we've been able to discuss things that are relevant."



As for fictional weddings, they're nothing new for Turner. In fact, one of her first films was the 1997 hit "My Best Friend's Wedding," though fans might not remember her part. After all, hers was the blink-and-miss-it role of "title sequence performer."

Remember the song and dance routine that opened the movie? Well, she does. Not only was she one of the dancers, she even recreated her moves during her TODAY visit.

See the next moves for Turner's on-screen alter ego, Rosalee, on the season finale of "Grimm" Friday night at 9 p.m.

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