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Breaking Dawn: "Like Putting the Nail in the Coffin," Says Twilight Star

Sure there are two more Twilight movies to hit theaters, but the hard work is done.
/ Source: E!online

Sure there are two more Twilight movies to hit theaters, but the hard work is done.

As we all know, the Breaking Dawn flicks finally wrapped after a seven-month shoot. Kellan Lutz recently revealed he was actually happy to be home and back with his dogs.

How are some of his costars feeling, and what were the last days of filming really like? Read on for the that's-a-wrap scoop...

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"It was surreal," Elizabeth Reaser said at the MTV Movie Awards. "I suddenly had nowhere to go. I was calling up my friends after seven months of being on location and was like, 'I'm back. I want to have friends again. I want to go to dinner.'"

She joked, "They were like, 'We don't have time for you. You have to earn your way back into our lives again.'"

Reaser, who will next be seen in the dramedy The Art of Getting By playing Emma Roberts' very inappropriate mother, said she and Peter Facinelli marked the end with a "a little meal together" on the last night.

Nikki Reed's last night wasn't as memorable. "The night we wrapped, we had been shooting in the woods in the freezing cold in these wedding dresses," she said. "I think we wrapped as the sun was coming up, and I just remember being so tired and like, I know I have to say goodbye to 100 people but I feel like I'm going to see them again, so I just sort of left."

Facinelli isn't thinking about the end of the franchise because, he said, "We have to more years of movies coming out. I'm excited to be done with the filming part and to finally see it all put together."

Jackson Rathbone agrees. "It's nice to have finalized something--like putting a nail in the coffin, so to speak," he said.

But is this really the end of the bloodsucking flicks?

"Does anything ever end?" Rathbone pondered. "Didn't Rocky come back after a 10-year hiatus?"

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