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From 'Breaking Bad' to 'Sex and the City,' 11 TV-themed tours that target fans

In alphabetical order, here are 11 TV-themed tours that, this summer, just might make you feel like Tony Soprano, Daenerys Targaryen or Don Draper.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever feel like gallivanting around New York City like Carrie Bradshaw, or searching for safe haven in Albuquerque like Walter White? Well, thanks to tours inspired by popular TV shows, you can.

Although you're free to explore TV-themed destinations on your own — such as the real-life South Dakota buildings replicated on "Deadwood," or the Washington, D.C., landmarks made famous long before "House of Cards" arrived on Netflix — not every tour comes with a guide or considers destinations in the context of your favorite TV show. And while some tours cover familiar sites from multiple TV series and movies on the same trip, some fans might want to stick to one show at a time.

In alphabetical order, here are 11 TV-themed tours that, this summer, just might make you feel like Tony Soprano, Daenerys Targaryen or Don Draper.

1. "Breaking Bad" (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Be the one who knocks (without breaking the law). For $65, the ABQ Trolley Company's 3½-hour "BaD" trolley tour drives by many of the memorable spots highlighted on AMC's "Breaking Bad," including the houses of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Gustavo Fring, the car wash and Saul Goodman's law office. The tour includes a complimentary drink at Twister's Grill, better known to fans as the fictional fast-food chain restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos. Can't get enough? ABQ Trolley Company also soft-launched tours inspired by the "Breaking Bad" spinoff "Better Call Saul," with the next Saul-themed sojourn slated for Sept. 27.

2. "Downton Abbey" (London, England)

If you have at least a couple hundred dollars and eight hours to spare, you can take one of two "Downton Abbey" tours that includes trips to Oxford, Matthew Crawley's mother's house in Bampton Village and iconic Highclere Castle, prominently featured in the opening title sequence of the hit PBS series. But you may need the Earl and Countess' bankroll to pull it off: The least-expensive ticket costs $204.50.

3. "Game of Thrones" (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

"Winter is coming" … this summer, if you can't wait that long. Although the hit HBO series films throughout Europe, this Northern Ireland tour covers seven prominent sites from the series' first four seasons, including Dragonstone, Lordsport Harbour, and the "caves where Melisandre of Asshai gave birth to her 'shadow assassin' who went on to slay [spoiler redacted]." Tickets cost about $64 per person.

4. "Gossip Girl" (New York, New York)

For $45 a pop, get your fill of "xoxo" with On Location Tour's three-hour adventure inspired by the CW series, including stops at Grand Central — the terminus for Serena's return to the city after a supposed stint in boarding school — the Vera Wang boutique where Blair tried on her wedding gown, and the candy store that Dan and Vanessa visited during a shopping trip.

5. "Mad Men" (New York, New York)

Perhaps because Don Draper's pursuits didn't always end when business hours did, The Mad Men Experience offers two "Mad Men"-inspired walking tours: one by day ($59) and one by night ($150). The two-hour daytime tour strolls along Madison Avenue and stops at eight Manhattan hot spots depicted on the AMC series, culminating with a cocktail at Grand Central's Oyster Bar, where Don joined Roger Sterling in tossing a few back. For night owls, the three-hour evening version includes a drink at three different stops, as well as retro photos of participants with their dates. Oh, and dressing in a skinny tie or vintage dress isn't just allowed — it's encouraged.

6. "Nashville" (Nashville, Tennessee)

Fans of country music and the ABC drama can find harmony in Gray Line of Tennessee's "Nashville" tour, which takes fans of the show to the homes of Rayna, Deacon, Scarlett and Lamar, and invites visitors to get their pictures taken on the Ryman Auditorium stage, where Rayna and Juliette performed their duet, "Wrong Song." Thursday tour-takers get the bonus of an exclusive visit to the legendary Bluebird Café, where Gunnar and Scarlett performed "If I Didn't Know Better," and, in real life, a 15-year-old Taylor Swift was discovered. Tickets are $49 for adults, and $24.50 for children 6 to 11.

7. "Once Upon a Time" (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)

"Once Upon a Time" fans can travel to the quaint Richmond village of Steveston for a self-guided tour of the ABC series' Storybrooke setting. According to the Tourism Richmond website, when filming takes place in summer months, the "Steveston Post Office and Visitor’s Centre becomes the Storybrooke Post Office, The Cannery Café switches to Granny’s Diner, and the Steveston Coffee Company changes [its] signage to Storybrooke Coffee Co." Michelle Dunn, a spokeswoman for Tourism Richmond, recently told that while there's a storybook feel to Steveston year-round, fans flock to the Canadian community in July and August with hopes of spotting the show's stars while the show is filming.

8. "Seinfeld" (New York, New York)

If you missed the Seinfeld Apartment pop-up last month, you still can say "Giddy-up!" to the self-described "real Kramer." Before "Seinfeld" premiered on NBC, Kenny Kramer lived in the apartment across the hall from Larry David, who co-created the sitcom. For almost 20 years, that Kramer has been leading "Seinfeld"-themed bus tours that visit everything from The Original Soupman shop (think "No soup for you!") to Tom's Restaurant, whose neon signage served as the exterior to the fictional Monk's Diner. Tour tickets are $39.50 for three-hour bus tours held on Saturdays and some Sundays.

9. "Sex and the City" (New York, New York)

Pick up where Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda left off through On Location Tours' "Sex and the City"-themed bus trip, which glides by more than 40 locations featured on the hit HBO series. During the 3½-hour jaunt through Manhattan's Midtown, Greenwich Village, SoHo and Meatpacking neighborhoods, fans can stroll past Carrie's famous brownstone stoop, the bakery where Carrie and Miranda treated themselves to cupcakes, and scout the bar that, on the show, was owned by Steve and Aidan. Tickets are $49 apiece.

10. "The Sopranos" (New York and New Jersey)

For fans who never stopped believin', On Location Tours offers a two-state, four-hour tour of venues featured on the critically acclaimed HBO series. Beginning in Midtown Manhattan before crossing the New Jersey border, tour highlights include a stop at Satin Dolls (a.k.a. the Bada Bing) and the chance to sit in the diner booth where Tony Soprano sat/possibly lived/possibly died in the series' famous final scene. Tickets are $49 per person.

11. "The Walking Dead" (Atlanta and Senoia, Georgia)

Sure, you can take a tour of locations featured on "The Walking Dead," but why stop there if you plan on taking your love of zombies to the grave (and perhaps beyond)? For $65, Atlanta's "Zombie Film Locations" will take you on either an Atlanta tour highlighting venues featured not only on AMC's wildly popular series, but also from the 2009 movie "Zombieland;" or on a second, "Walking Dead"-only tour in nearby Senoia, which is presented on the show as the town of Woodbury.

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