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'Breaking Bad' instructs: 'Remember my name'

You do not forget Walter White and Heisenberg. That's the message in AMC's newly released key art for the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad," which kick off in August.

Bryan Cranston's Walter White -- aka Heisenberg -- is back and ready for a fight.

Yes, Walt -- played by the amazing Bryan Cranston -- started off as a nice, loving, family man and chemistry teacher who began to cook meth after his cancer diagnosis. It was a last resort to make sure his loved ones would be financially secure after his death. And then he transformed into the unforgettable, manipulative and deadly Heisenberg, a man bent on building an empire and flexing his ever-increasing power in the drug world.

He may have seemingly quit his ridiculously lucrative trade toward the end of 2012 at wife Skyler's urging, but as viewers likely remember, the last episode ended with brother-in-law and DEA agent Hank realizing the seemingly gentle man was a ruthless drug kingpin. If the photo is any indication, Walt -- with hands balled into fists and "don't mess with me glare" on his face -- isn't going to go down without a big, big fight.

It'd be the only proper way to say goodbye and cement his place in TV history after such an epic journey. But the question remains: Will he be remembered as family guy Walter White, or will it be drug lord Heisenberg?

"Breaking Bad" returns for its final run on Sunday, Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. on AMC.