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Brangelina takes security seriously in Haiti

Couple went to learn more about Wyclef Jean's foundation, ‘YeleHaiti’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Not only are Brad and Angelina doing some good, but they look happy as they do it.

Last week, Brad and Angelina took their humanitarian tour to Haiti.

Now we hear and see how it all went down, thanks to Tim Vincent's interview with the Grammy winner who brought them there.

“The way that I could describe Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it was just glowing,” hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean told Tim. “What connects them is that they share the same goals. They love kids and that is just a connection right there. When you love kids the conversation is endless. It's forever.”

Angelina and Brad visited Haiti as guests of Wyclef to learn more about his foundation, “YeleHaiti” – with the added goal of improving the quality of life in his impoverished homeland.

And security for Angelina and Brad was not to be taken lightly in a place this dangerous.

“The mandate on Haiti is don't go to Haiti,” Wyclef said. “The kidnapping is crazy. Thirty kidnappings per day that weekend. When they came in I got on the TV. I said, 'Listen, I got Angelina Jolie here, I got Brad Pitt here. Please do not embarrass me this weekend.' The whole weekend went by, and there was not one kidnapping.”

Angelina was not about to let her and Brad's celebrity status prevent them from dancing and playing with the children they met.

“Who was the better dancer?” Tim asked.

“Angelina got Brad on the dancing,” Wyclef laughed. “There was this one kid, Emmanuelle. He was like 9 years old. This rapper from the hood. They really loved him. I think if they could have took Emmanuelle home, and they both would agree on this, I think Emmanuelle would have been on that chopper going back with them.”

“What was the one memory they took away from the trip?” Tim asked.

“They said that they'll be back,” Wyclef smiled.