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Brangelina’s wedding plans fall apart

The two megastars argue over what kind of ceremony to have and who should be invited, according to Star magazine.
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Looks like the long-awaited Brangelina wedding might not take place after all. According to a report in Star magazine, efforts to plan the big day turned into big arguments between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“(Brad would) like a ceremony in a church in front of all his friends and relatives, with his brother Doug standing up for him,” a source revealed. “His mom, Jane, wants to help plan the wedding — and Brad’s all for it!” He even wants the event to be held in New Orleans, where Brad’s spent so much time on rebuilding efforts.

The problem? Angelina had her heart set on a small affair in France, with only their children and her brother James in attendance. The insider claimed when Angie first heard Brad’s idea, including his mother’s role, “she pitched a fit and shrieked, ‘I don’t think so!’”

With neither party willing to budge, “Angie and Brad got into a screaming match and ended up going to separate bedrooms and slamming doors. Angelina was so frustrated, she was crying.”

The source told Star the matter remains unresolved, and “friends are now thinking that if the battle continues, they might end up calling the whole marriage off.”

Madonna and Guy live worlds apartIn other couples-in-crisis news, Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are giving each other plenty of personal space lately — like separate continents. While the estrangement doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over, In Touch reports that friends and family are concerned.

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“They are not spending any time together,” Guy’s father John told the magazine. “Madonna and the kids are rushing around like mad and Guy wants to stay in England. He is very busy.”

As for Madonna’s busy ways, a friend alleges it’s all in an effort to distract herself. “She wants to forget her troubles, even for a few days.”

Apparently, the troubles involve the fact that Guy and Madonna are “polar opposites,” but the pal feels certain there are no divorce plans on the horizon. “(Madonna’s) turning 50 this year and she doesn’t want to start a new life.” And another friend agreed, telling In Touch, “She just needed a break from Guy, but they’re going to try to work it out.”

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