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'The Brady Bunch' re-creates the show's classic opening — see the video

The opening and legendary song get a clever update for the new HGTV series "A Very Brady Renovation."
/ Source: TODAY

It turns out you can go home again.

The cast of “The Brady Bunch” has re-created the famous opening from the classic sitcom as part of the new HGTV series “A Very Brady Renovation.”

In the series, the actors who played the children on “The Brady Bunch” help update the home that served as the exterior for the 1970s show.

The new show opening has some fun with the legendary theme, altering lyrics to the well-known tune and showing some old clips, while the stars who played Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy appear in little boxes, like they did in the original opening.

“Here’s the story/Of a TV family/Who we all thought lived inside this famous home,” goes the song. “But the real house/We all remember/Was not at all as shown/So we bought the place and brought back all the Bradys/Who know every room and corner in and out/And we paired them with the HGTV family/That’s the way we all remain the Brady house.”

Each actor was paired with an HGTV designer to help modernize one room in the home. “Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott and Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E Laine of "Good Bones" are among those lending their talents to the project, which will feature vintage furniture and other items connected to "The Brady Bunch."

“HGTV left no stone unturned, creating a perfect replica of the home down to the horse statue next to the staircase and the stuffed animal giraffe in the girls’ bedroom,” HGTV president Jane Latman said in a recent statement. “Viewers will be on the edge of their seats each week to see how we pulled it all off, and we can promise they’ll be transported back in time when they see the final result.”

The cast of "The Brady Bunch" had some fun while taping the HGTV series. In fact, Maureen McCormick (Marcia) and Christopher Knight (Peter) re-visited one of the sitcom's more well-known storylines by reenacting the episode in which Marcia gets a swollen nose after she's hit with a football.

Will there be any references to Johnny Bravo? Will cousin Oliver stop by? Will anyone build a doghouse for a pet named Tiger? We'll just have to wait and see if those memories and any others come flooding back when “A Very Brady Renovation” premieres Monday at 9 p.m. ET.