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Bradley Cooper reveals third nipple on 'Ellen' ... and a fourth, and a fifth

Audiences who've seen him in "The Hangover" know that Bradley Cooper will go over the limit for laughs. So when he pulled a fast one on "Ellen" Tuesday, it was hard to know at first: Was he serious about having a third nipple?

A person could be forgiven for believing him, as he pulled aside the left panel of his shirt and showed off what appeared to be a third nipple on his chest. (Third nipples -- aka "supernumerary nipples" -- are a relatively rare phenomenon in women and men.) Host Ellen DeGeneres seemed surprised, as did her audience.

But maybe she shouldn't have been; the most recent headline-making guest on "Ellen" was Christina Aguilera, who relayed her own breast-related story. A theme might have been emerging.

Nah -- immediately Cooper went and proved it was all a big prank, showing his fourth nipple on his lower arm ... and a fifth one on his calf.

Too much? You decide: Check out the video.

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