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Bradley Cooper channels Owen Wilson, Robert De Niro on 'Late Show'

Need another reason to like Bradley Cooper? If so, the easy-on-the-eyes star has come up with a bonus talent to win over fans. In addition to his usual funny-handsome-actor bag of tricks, the star of “The Hangover” and the soon-to-be-released “Limitless” has the ability to channel other A-list actors.

During a Tuesday night appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman,” Cooper unveiled his best Robert De Niro and Owen Wilson impressions.

Not bad. But according to Cooper, his intentional aping act is nothing compared to his natural mimic ways.

“I got, like, four movies just pretending I was Vince Vaughn after ‘Wedding Crashers,’” Cooper explained. “I should send him the checks … And then De Niro is the worst. I wasn’t even aware of it. It just started to happen. I remember one night, after we shot (‘Limitless,’) I was out to dinner with him and his old friend … and half-way through the conversation Art Linson goes, ‘Hey, hey, man! You’re doing Bob.’”

The persistent De Niro impression didn’t stop there. Cooper admitted he accidentally took his “Bob” to the set of “The Hangover Part II,” where director Todd Phillips had to show him the error of his ways.