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Brad Pitt's Got Himself a Beautiful New (Movie) Wife

Remember the other day there was all that chatter about Brad Pitt wearing a wedding band?
/ Source: E!online

Remember the other day there was all that chatter about Brad Pitt wearing a wedding band ?

As most his fans know by now, the little gold number has absolutely nothing to do with him marrying Angelina Jolie, but rather...

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It's all about his work opposite The Killing's Mireille Enos, who plays Mr. Pitt's wife in World War Z.

And guess who we met for the first time the other day at the Critics' Choice Television Awards? Yup, Ms. Enos. While we didn't talk about her television series' controversial cliffhanger, we did get to chattin' about Brad.

Like Jessica Chastain had the pleasure of doing in The Tree of Life, Enos gets to lock lips with Angie's main man, too.

"There is a goodbye kiss, but no love scenes," Enos said. "Everybody is like, 'You have to take notes on that.'"

Um, that certainly doesn't sound like Enos' style. "It's just going to be another day at work," the redheaded beauty smiled. "He's the sweetest, loveliest guy."

She'll film with Pitt later this summer in London. (FYI: She'll probably have about a month of vacation before The Killing resumes shooting in November).

While the flick is about a zombie epidemic (Pitt plays a journalist trying to save his family and figure out what the heck is going on), it's no campy horror flick.

"It's about zombie apocalypse, but then it's also a really smart story about the political structure of the world and what our government does and doesn't deal with when there's a crisis situation," Enos explained. "It's action-packed and it's also super, super dark."

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