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Brad Pitt on Shiloh’s birth: ‘A truly peaceful’

The famous actor and Angelina Jolie talk to NBC’s Michael Okwu in their first interview, since the birth of their daughter in Africa
/ Source: TODAY

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie give their first interview, since the birth of their baby daughter, Shiloh, last month. The mega-famous, beautiful, and proud parents talk about why it was so important for them to have the birth in Africa and why they decided to sell rights to Shiloh’s baby photos. NBC’s Michael Okwu talked with the new parents:

Okwu: “You'd think for two of the most famous faces on the planet ...”

Brad Pitt shakes Okwu’s hand, though no introduction is necessary. Jolie smiles. Pitt is beaming and Angelina Jolie looks radiant at their first interview since the birth of their daughter, Shiloh, in the African nation of Namibia.

Jolie: “When we found out we were pregnant and thinking about where we would want to go, we thought we wanted to find a place that was ... a beautiful place that our other children would enjoy. We knew that this place had so many sights and things to do with them, the things we wanted to show them, and the places we wanted to spend time with them.”

The couple spoke out to thank the Namibian people and government ... For protecting their privacy during their two-month stay.

Pitt: “They have been so gracious to us and made our stay here very special and because of that we have had an incredible time with our family, exploring the country. And we had truly peaceful birth of our daughter. And for that we are eternally grateful, and we will certainly be back.”

Cooing over the new baby can practically be heard around the world ... Little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt stars in the most sought after baby photos in years, which debuted in People magazine. Proud papa says the enormous sum paid for the rights to publish them — reportedly as much as 7 million dollars — would go to needy charities in Africa. 

Jolie: “We had somebody that was working with us to go to the day hospitals and to see what they were missing, what might be useful. We wanted it to be a practical donation.”   

Their African holiday is just about over … according to People magazine. The Jolie-Pitts will return to Los Angeles soon, so Pitt can return to work, filming “Ocean’s 13.” People magazine says Jolie plans to stay home to care for the newest member of her growing, glowing brood.