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Brad Pitt’s new ‘Mission:’ replacing Tom?

According to a report, after ending their 14-year relationship with Tom, Paramount has now chosen Brad to play the lead in the next ‘Mission: Impossible’ sequel.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Is Brad Pitt stepping into Tom Cruise’s “Impossible” shoes?

According to a report, after ending their 14-year relationship with Tom, Paramount has now chosen Brad to play the lead in the next “Mission: Impossible” sequel.

But is it a “Mission” probable?

Sources claim Brad wouldn’t be playing Tom’s character of Ethan Hunt, but would rather play a new operative. As for Ethan? They’re reportedly considering retiring the agent to “a safe life with his new wife.”

“They’re set on Brad taking over as a gutsy new head operative who puts together his own unique team of specialists,” one source was quoted as saying.

Brad is certainly no stranger to the action genre. “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” grossed almost $400 worldwide, which is comparable to “M:I:III’s” numbers, yet without the already built in franchise.

“If Paramount was serious about continuing the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise without Tom Cruise in the lead role, Brad Pitt is obviously well suited to fill his very big shoes,” Access Hollywood movie guru Scott Mantz said. “He’s sexy, he’s fit, he’s an A-list star in his own right, and after playing a similar role in last year’s blockbuster ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith,’ he’s certainly got the action chops.”

Other industry experts agree that Brad has got what it takes to step into the role. But would the fans embrace the change?

“It’s an interesting idea. I think audiences would be interested in the notion. Of all the actors out there, Brad could definitely fill the shoes,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Exhibitor Relations.

Dergarabedian cited another popular action franchise that featured several different leading men, with varying success.

“‘Batman’ has changed stars numerous times. It’s not who you put in the [leading] role, it’s how you reinvent the franchise. It’s all about making a good movie,” he added.

Sources claimed Paramount was prepared to do whatever it takes to get Brad on board, even suggesting they were willing to pay him $39 million, which would make him the highest-paid movie star in history.

But is one star really worth that much?

“If Paramount was going to go forward with reinventing the ‘Mission: Impossible’ films, I think they could do it. But you're talking about paying out $39 million before you've even shot the film and given how fickle Paramount was in green lighting the third movie, in terms of talking the budget down like they did, it seems highly unlikely the new regime would be willing to pay out $39 million for a star. It just doesn't seem like it's within their realm, given all the changes,” Mantz added.

So far, there has been no confirmation or denial from Tom’s camp over the reports. But Paramount told Access Hollywood the report was “complete fabrication” and Brad’s publicist said the rumors were “not true.”

But no matter who stars in the next “Mission: Impossible” film, Tom will still get a producer credit and salary because he developed the franchise.