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Brad Pitt makes surprise appearance in 'Ellen' show audience

The "Ad Astra" star showed his love for Ellen DeGeneres in the same way so many fans do.
/ Source: TODAY

Ellen DeGeneres always has an enthusiastic audience in attendance for her daytime talk show, but there was something special about the applause and hoots coming from the crowd on Friday's episode.

That's because the loudest cheers of all were coming from one audience member in particular — Brad Pitt!

Ellen/Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt was just another face in the crowd on Friday's episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

As DeGeneres kicked off her show, she mentioned that she was "kind of distracted" due to his seemingly unexpected presence.

"Hi, Brad," she said. "Why? What are you doing?"

"Don't mind me," Pitt answered casually. "Just came to see the show. Great show, by the way — so far. You're killing it!"

But suddenly the host found it hard to keep "killing it," thanks to Pitt's interruptions.

When she started a back-to-school bit, he broke in to ask, "Are you going to do the one with the signs? Where they're wrong and funny?"

She barely had a chance to get back into her stride when he chimed in again to inquire about the hours of operation for the Ellen store, adding, "I love the underwear!"

The hilarious back-and-forth briefly appeared to come to an end when "Will & Grace" star Sean Hayes took the stage as the featured guest. However, moments into his segment, Hayes turned his attention to the A-lister in the audience.

Ellen DeGeneres
For one brief moment, Sean Hayes was Friday's guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

"He hasn't done the show in eight years and I've been on the show eight times this week," he told DeGeneres, adding that he volunteered to give up his spot "to the guy from two episodes of 'Growing Pains.'"

That's when a show switcheroo took place.

Ellen DeGeneres
The actor eventually made the big move from audience member to A-list guest.Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

What followed was a Brad Pitt extravaganza, in which the 55-year-old actor talked about his last film, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," his very own superfan (fellow actor Dax Shepard) and an interesting shared history he has with DeGeneres.

Pitt recalled the pool party where he first met DeGeneres almost 30 years ago. It was a memorable moment for him because he noticed she was hitting on his girlfriend.

"I actually have, since then, dated another one of your girlfriends," the now-married 61-year-old confessed to him. "We'll talk about that later."

With a smirk and a nod — and plenty of laughs from the audience — Pitt said, "After the show."