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Brad Pitt mobbed by paparazzi

Photographers wanted pictures of Pitt on the day Jolie’s mother died.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Normally when someone you know loses someone they loved very much, you give them their space. Sadly, the same can’t be said of the paparazzi, who don’t seem to be too moved by the death of Angelina Jolie’s mother.

A visibly annoyed Brad Pitt was mobbed by the paparazzi (and subsequently blinded by flash bulbs) as he left his office this week trying to get home to Angelina and his kids.

In fact, it was so bad, Brad needed a police escort to his motorcycle.

The paparazzi siege began early in the day as photogs staked their claim outside of Brad’s office, yelling at policemen who were issuing them parking tickets.

Not only did they harass Brad’s police escort, but they even taunted Pitt as he left the building.

“Has Jon Voight tried to contact you guys yet?” one yelled.

“Be careful on your bike now,” another said smugly.

When one photographer asked Brad how things were going with Angelina, a perturbed Pitt replied “I’m sure you’d like to know.”

Police continually warned the paparazzi to step back and give Brad space as he slowly waded through the crush before thanking police who walked him to his custom $100,000 motorcycle, where he put his helmet on and sped off.