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Bra fitting leads to confusion for 'Golden Sisters'

Nothing seems to go quite according to plan for the "Golden Sisters."

Last week, the siblings hit the road for a trip to Las Vegas and found themselves placing bets before they even left the car. This week? Well, Mary, Josie and Terry go to a boutique to get fitted for new bras, but if an exclusive sneak peek is anything to go by, what they end up getting is confused.

"You know what Oprah says?" Terry muses as they check out the selection at a shop called Les Corset. "'Bras are important in America.'' … Yeah, she says that on her show; 'Americans need to get better bras.'"

But Les Corset specializes in European foundation garments, which poses a problem. Not a bra problem, of course -- some things are universal after all. No, the Euro offerings pose a geographical problem for the ladies.

"Right now we're working with a product which is made not in the United States," shop owner Marina Devin says. "It was made in…."

Before she could finish her sentence, Mary chimes in.

"Russia?" she guesses. "Italy?"

It was actually from Latvia.

"That's near Poland, right?" Mary asks. "Near Switzerland? Sweden?"

"I know Spain is right across from Italy," Josie says, offering no help at all. In fact, that geographic tidbit just confused Mary more.

"Across the ocean?" she asks. "No ocean at all? Where's the Pacific Ocean? Isn't it on the other side of the Atlantic?"

Here's hoping they have better luck with the bras than they do geography.

'Golden Sisters' airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.