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Boyle swears like Bale, but she won’t bail

An unfortunate encounter with a fan and a mild Christian Bale moment, and suddenly Susan Boyle might back out of “Britain’s Got Talent?” No f---ing way.

“The producers of the show are going to do everything in their power to make sure she is there on May 30,” said a source close to the show. “Whatever Susan wants between now and then, she’ll have.”

The source said that the possibility that Boyle could back out is real because at this point, her participation isn’t necessary for her success. “She’s already proven to every record label that she has the vocal ability to do anything — she doesn’t need the show any more for that. The longer she stays, the likelier it is for cracks to show, and they obviously already have,” said the source, alluding to Boyle’s outburst.

Will her outburst have any long-term consequences? The source said it’s unlikely, as long as there aren’t more bad PR moments before the ink dries on any contract. “Susan is not the only woman in England who dropped the F-word twice in one day. As long as she suddenly doesn’t begin having meltdown after meltdown, she’s fine. But it would do her good to get on with her next project before she gives the public more opportunity to turn against her.”

Update: Boyle reportedly said in a statement to the Daily Mail that she will sing on May 30.

‘Mad Men’ and AMC respond to economy “Mad Men” is going to be adding another two minutes of commercials per hour, but even though two minutes over the course of a season might sound like a good bit of television, it shouldn’t be viewed as a loss of any kind.

Nikki Finke, of the blog Deadline Hollywood Daily, first reported the additional ad time, saying it was “pretty galling given how well the show has done, how carefully it’s put together, and how much money it’s already making AMC and parent company Cablevision.”

“AMC's Mad Men, recognized as the best show on television, will continue to have fewer commercials than nearly any other drama on TV — ironic, given that it's a show about advertising,” a rep for the show to the Scoop.

A source close to the show said there is no cause for alarm, and most important, viewers will not be shortchanged by two minutes less program time.

“‘Mad Men’ has the most programming with the least amount of commercials of any show on television. Even with the addition of a commercial that will remain true. It’s a bad economy and we want to make sure the show stays on television. That’s what the focus should be on,” said the source.

“Mad Men’s” third season begins in August.

An ‘Up’ weekend ahead at the box office A big 3-D release and a horror film are going to add up to a huge weekend at the box office. The former, Disney-Pixar’s “Up,” was extremely well received at Cannes, and by all accounts overcomes what seems like a dreary plot: an old widowed man who, with the aid of many balloons, makes his house fly. I think the family fare and the added revenue that comes from a premium ticket price on 3-D will result in “Up” winning over horror flick “Drag Me to Hell.” It should be close, however. “Drag Me to Hell” is a non-gory, PG-13-rated flick that follows more of a classic horror model. For those reasons its appeal will be wide, and teens will definitely flock to it. It could surprise by Sunday.

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