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A boy gets caught in the crossfire on ‘CSI’

Grissom tries to protect 8-year-old, HIV-positive Park Bang, but when the case goes in a direction that Grissom doesn't expect, he's forced to make a tough choice.
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Not exactly child’s play: Sung Bang and his sister-in-law, Kora Sil, were shot in Vegas' tiny Koreatown, while Kora’s son, Park Bang, looked on. Sung had just been released from prison for DUIs. Kora was a drug addict who had farmed out her son — the 8-year-old, HIV-positive Park — for a dangerous drug trial. It gets worse: Kora and Park had been living in a Korean gangster’s basement. When Grissom finally got the boy to talk, Park tried to lay blame on the gangster, but after creating a reenactment of the scene, Grissom was horrified to realize that after Kora has shot Sung, Park had then shot his own mother. “I’m sorry we solved this,” Grissom told Brass. “I really am.”

Quick-draw McGraw: Earlier in the episode, Nick and Riley tracked Park to a neighbor's house. But when they entered, the woman pulled a gun on them. Riley was quick to pull her own gun, but Nick told her to stand down. Luckily, Park came out to stop the woman, preventing an Old West-style shootout. Riley also got chewed out by Grissom for interviewing Park without a Child Protective Services advocate present (although when he finally got Park to talk, the CPS woman was nowhere in sight).

About that drug trial: When Grissom realized Park was being used as a human guinea pig, he laid into Dr. Eisling, who was working for the pharmaceutical company. Grissom threatened the doctor with reckless endangerment, and, thankfully, the child protective services advocate backed him up.

Just say no to shoplifting: The CSIs found out who Park was through a surveillance camera at Dempsey’s Department store, where Sung and Park had stopped before the murders. The store had its own huge “forensics department” with “video analysts” to keep track of shoplifters. “Our crime lab is better equipped than most in the country,” the manager said. “Now that’s a crime,” Catherine replied.

Handy info: Did you know that if you want to get rid of one of your pesky gang tattoos, you can use skin from your butt to cover it up? A “CSI” tip, free of charge.

Did he or didn’t he? So did Jackie Chan have the eye surgery (blepharoplasty) — that makes Asian eyes appear rounder — that was mentioned in the episode? It looks like we’re going to have to go with “.”

Not really resume-ready: Grissom described his job to Park, saying, “I’m kind of a… What am I? I don’t know. I mostly do a lot of thinking.”