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A boy for Britney?

The Federline’s son will most likely be named Preston
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Just about one month to go until Britney goes from mom-to-be to just mommy.

But the big question now – is Brit's bundle of joy a girl or a boy?

Access Hollywood may have uncovered the answer.

It looks like it will be just one baby for Britney, as sources tell us that her new pride and joy is in fact a boy, who most likely will be named Preston.

Just recently, Britney went on a $10,000 shopping spree at the swank Beverly Hills store La Petit Tresor where co-owners Samantha Winch and Nina Rioja also designed Brit (and Preston's) feng shui-Kabbalah themed nursery.

“She saw her crib in the window and knew that was it,” Samantha told us.

“Britney also adored this outfit,” she added, holding up a matching hat, jacket, pants and booties. “She bought this outfit to bring the baby home in.”

If it is indeed a baby boy on the way, the baby blue tank top Britney wore at the premiere of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” makes a whole lot of sense.

Very clever, Brit. Very clever.