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Watch Willie Geist crush the Bottle Cap Challenge

And you won't believe who he challenged to try it next!
/ Source: TODAY

Is there nothing Willie Geist can’t do?

While serving as guest co-host on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna on Tuesday, Willie decided to get in on the Bottle Cap Challenge, where people attempt to unscrew the top of a bottle via a roundhouse kick.

To the amazement of everyone — and no one more than himself — Willie managed to successfully do it!

The challenge kicked off (pun intended) when MMA fighter Max Holloway posted a video of himself kicking and unscrewing a bottle top. He then challenged singer John Mayer, who, in turn, challenged Jason Statham. Other celebrities, such as David Spade and Whitney Cummings, have also taken part.

Electing to keep on his blazer, adorned with a pocket square, Willie then joined in on the fun when he approached the bottle and unleashed a kick that knocked off the cap, a literal jaw-dropping feat! His mouth remained wide-open after he realized what he had done.

Willie is totally blown away that he knocked off the cap, while a stunned Jenna reacts.
Willie is totally blown away that he knocked off the cap, while a stunned Jenna reacts.Nathan Congleton/TODAY

“Did that really happen?” he asked. “It was way better than I thought it was gonna go."

Willie's marvelous moment did not go unnoticed.

Willie Geist crushes the Bottle Cap Challenge
Ninja Willie!TODAY

"I just pulled my groin watching this...," Carson Daly commented on a post on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna's Instagram page.

"I watched this multiple times. Bravo," Carson's wife, Siri, wrote.

While basking in the glory of his accomplishment, Willie was reminded by Jenna that he could challenge others. So, he chose Chris Pratt and Reese Witherspoon — both of whom Willie and Jenna had discussed as options to cast in movies about their lives.

Fingers crossed that Pratt and Witherspoon give it a whirl. We think it'd be a real kick to see them try!