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Boston woman's plea to Netflix: Release 'House of Cards' for our snowed-in city!

What will ameliorate the endless days stuck indoors for Bostonians? Just Season 3 of Netflix's "House of Cards," please.
/ Source: TODAY

Boston residents have been severely tested this winter season, which has dumped nearly 100 inches of snow on them so far.

But you have to admire their scrappy attitude and legendary forthrightness, whether protecting a parking spot from theft or sending out both a yeti and a man on a toilet to clean the sidewalks.

So what do they want now? What will ameliorate the endless days stuck indoors while avoiding all of that powdery terror outside? Just Season 3 of Netflix's "House of Cards," please.

Local writer Kat Gonso had a letter published in The Boston Globe Wednesday that's a cri de coeur to the streaming service.

In part, Gonson wrote, "We, the people of Boston, urge you to release the third season of “House of Cards” one week early. We need this. Our cars and fences have been swallowed by snow. ... We’re in our pajamas."

She added, "We urge you to give us Frank. We need to see him break the fourth wall, to turn to us and remind us that there is life beyond the couch. Give us an out. A way through. Release “House of Cards” early."

We hear you, Kat! (And the truth is even those of us not buried under eight feet of snow would like those questions answered, too.) We all know the season is ready to roll, since Netflix didrelease it briefly on Feb. 11 before pulling it back down.

Netflix has not responded to a request for comment from TODAY.

But Gonso may have a future career in politics after this: As one Globe commenter (going by noted, "Kat Gonso for Mayor!"

Watch out, Frank Underwood.

Meanwhile, perhaps Gonso and other "House of Cards" fans will enjoy these three short teasers that have emerged in the past week on Netflix's YouTube Channel. They're directed by Wright, written by the show's creator Beau Willimon and feature music by composer Jeff Beal.

Not much happens in the "Traces: A Teaser Quartet" clips, and actors are only seen in fleeting glances, but they do keep things moody and mysterious. (A fourth clip is expected out soon.)

"House of Cards" returns on Netflix on Feb. 27.

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