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Booted ‘Idol’ looks to the future

Gina Glocksen feels her fans didn't vote because they thought she was “safe.”
/ Source: TODAY

Gina Glocksen, the latest contestant to be voted off the hit show “American Idol,” wonders if her final performances were so good that fans felt it was unnecessary to send votes in her direction.

Still, the 22-year-old from Naperville, Ill., tells TODAY that she is looking forward, not backward, and is excited about the potential opportunities that being one of the show's top 10 may bring.

“I was shocked when you were voted off. Were you surprised?” TODAY host Meredith Vieira asked Glocksen during a live appearance on the Plaza. “Did you leave thinking, ‘I did pretty well’?”

“Oh, yeah. I was proud of myself. I am proud of my performances. I was little disappointed,” said Glocksen, who was voted off ‘Idol’ on April 4.

“What do you think happened?” Vieira asked.

“I think maybe fans thought I had two great performances in a row,” Glocksen said. “Maybe they thought I was safe and didn't vote.”

When the 33 million votes were tallied, however, Glocksen's bid to be the sixth “American Idol” ended. Now, she's looking forward to the traditional summer tour of the top 10 contestants.

“It's going to be so fun,” she gushed.

— By John Springer, contributor