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Emily Henry's new romance novel, 'Funny Story': What to know

Buckle up for another lakeside romance.
/ Source: TODAY

Emily Henry is back with a new novel.

The New York Times bestselling author of "Beach Read", "Book Lovers", and "People We Meet On Vacation" announced on Monday that her next romance novel, "Funny Story", will be published in April 2024.

"Funny Story is my personal breath of fresh air," Henry wrote in her Substack newsletter, "Emily's Grocery List."

"To quote the great American poet, Taylor Alison Swift, it was the breeze in my hair on the weekend," she continued, referencing Swift's song "Karma."

According to the forthcoming novel's synopsis by Penguin Random House, "Funny Story" follows a woman named Daphne whose fiancé leaves her for his childhood best friend. In a bemusing twist of fate, Daphne becomes roommates with Miles, who is the aforementioned childhood best friend's ex-boyfriend.

They decide to embark on a harmless little fake-dating scheme, posting suggestive pictures of their summer together ... and maybe, just maybe, catching feelings in the process.

"This is a book about (how) so many of the best parts of life only happen after everything’s gone to shit," Henry wrote in her newsletter. "How the best days are often the ones you didn’t plan and the best stories are sometimes the ones you didn’t used to be able to tell without crying."

Penguin Random House further described the book as "a shimmering, joyful new novel about a pair of opposites with the wrong thing in common."

As of last March, Henry had sold more than 2.4 million books worldwide. She began her career by writing young adult fiction before pivoting to adult romance novels in 2020 with the publication of "Beach Read."

Book Lovers, Beach Read, and People We Meet On Vacation are currently all in the process of being adapted to film. Henry's most recent novel, "Happy Place," was released this past April.

"I hope you love Miles and Daphne," Henry wrote regarding Funny Story. "I hope you love Waning Bay. I hope you love this book, even a fraction as much as I do."