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The best spring reads, according to bestselling authors Isaac Fitzgerald and Jasmine Guillory

"Don't open it unless you’re prepared to do nothing but read it until you’ve finished it," Guillory warns about one of her picks.

Every reader in your life (including yourself!) deserves an inspiring spring read to kick off the start of the warmer weather and celebrate the end of the dark, cold winter months.

Lucky for us, New York Times bestselling authors and literary experts — Isaac Fitzgerald and Jasmine Guillory — stopped by TODAY to shine some light on a few of their favorite spring picks for readers of all ages and interests.

Isaac’s Picks

"Wandering Stars" by Tommy Orange

"A brutal, bloody portrait of the campaign to erase Native American culture told through the eyes of numerous complex and compelling characters shows how the sins of the past weigh heavily on the never ending present — especially for those who have been severed from their own legacy," Fitzgerald says.

"Grief Is for People" by Sloane Crosley

"In prose that is both personal and raw — and yet somehow still makes room for Crosley’s rightfully-heralded wit — 'Grief Is for People' is a powerful, touching memoir that explores a place we are all going to be at some point," Fitzgerald shares.

"The Book of Love" by Kelly Link

Fitzgerald calls this fantasy novel "difficult to sum up, but incredibly easy to read."

"Link is an extraordinary writer, and a weird writer, and this novel is the culmination of all of her talents," he adds.

"My Thoughts Have Wings" by Maggie Smith

Written by beloved poet and New York Times bestseller Maggie Smith, "My Thoughts Have Wings" is a moving children's novel for the child in your life.

"Gorgeously illustrated by Leanne Hatch, 'My Thoughts Have Wings' is a picture book that confronts anxiety with thoughtfulness, and is a balm for the chaotic soul," Fitzgerald says.

Jasmine's Picks

"The Partner Plot" by Kristina Forest

"The Partner Plot" is a rom-com about two high school sweethearts who reconnect after 10 years and then must pretend to be engaged.

"It thoughtfully explores how dream jobs can be not as dreamy as we want them to be, the way we grow and change, family relationships, how to come back from disappointing ourselves, and so much more," Guillory shares. "A treat for any romance lover!"

 "The Last Fire Season" by Manjula Martin

Written by Manjula Martin, a woman who lived through the 2020 fire season in California, "The Last Fire Season" is a memoir that Guillory admits she'll be thinking about for a long time.

"It’s the story of how California came to be, it’s the story of fire, and why it’s both essential to life and something we all fear, and it’s the story of how fire season is no longer one time of the year, or in one part of the world, but is something that impacts us all," Guillory says.

"This Could Be Us" by Kennedy Ryan

Guillory issues a warning for this one: "Don’t open it unless you’re prepared to do nothing but read it until you’ve finished it. If you can’t do that, you’ll be thinking about how you wish you were reading it, and get mad at who or what is getting in your way of reading it."

"Wonderful, funny, powerful, and compulsively readable, this book about two teenage girls growing up in Oakland is a great read for teens and adults alike. Friendship, family, and chosen family are at the core of this book, and I loved every moment of it," Guillory shares.