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Bestselling author Emily Henry shares her latest book recommendations

Including a "sweeping and romantic" read.
TODAY Illustration / Getty Images / Amazon

If you consider yourself a reader, you've almost definitely heard of Emily Henry. Known for her romance novels "Beach Read," "People We Meet on Vacation," "Happy Place" and more, Henry has become a New York Times bestseller and a household name.

Henry stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna to talk about her newest release, "Funny Story," and share her latest book recommendations.

Read on for Henry's favorite book suggestions across the romance, thriller and sci-fi genres.

"A Love Song for Ricki Wilde" by Tia Williams

Tia Williams' "A Love Song for Ricki Wilde" is a love story between two artists living in New York.

"I don’t want to give too much about this one away, but it’s a beautiful, atmospheric genre-bending love story that’s set in modern-day Harlem, but also gives us a peek into the magic of Renaissance-era Harlem," Henry shares. "It’s sweeping and romantic and electric, and has one of the most immersive settings I’ve read in ages."

"Darling Girls" by Sally Hepworth 

Henry describes this pick as "creepy, gripping, and mysterious."

"This one’s for my thriller readers. For some reason spring and summer are when I reach for thrillers, and I’m loving this one. It follows three grown former foster sisters, as they’re called back to the gothic-style mansion they were raised in, after human bones are unearthed on the property," she adds.

"The Ministry of Time" by Kaliane Bradley

This sci-fi novel follows a woman who gets a job in England's "Ministry of Time" as she helps an expat from the 1800s learn how to live in the 21st century.

"I love this one because it’s completely inventive and new but also has something for almost every kind of reader," Henry shares. "It’s funny and heartwarming, with a love story and also the edge of a spy thriller. It even made me cry a little bit. It’s a big swing of a debut novel, and Bradley made a forever fan out of me with it. It comes out May 7th!"