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Bobby Brown says Houston's troubles are behind her

Diva, recently out of rehab, to collaborate with Clive Davis on new album
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Bobby Brown is confident that wife Whitney Houston has put her troubles behind her.

"I’m very confident,” says Brown. “Yes, very confident. She’s my lady and she’s doing wonderful and everything about her spirit right now is just great. So we’re enjoying life again.”

Whitney recently emerged from her second stint in rehab.

“It’s a team effort whenever somebody is ill,” says Bobby. “It takes two to make everything work. So I have to be there for her just like she was there for me when I went through my rehab stint. She was right there. So I have to be there for her. She’s doing wonderful, by the way, and she’s going to start recording again.”

Bobby hopes working on her next album, which will reunite her with long-time mentor Clive Davis, will prove the perfect tonic.

“Hopefully I will get to work with her on this album again,” he said. “I’m just looking forward to her just being herself.”

There is a possibility we’ll see part of Whitney’s personal struggles when “Being Bobby Brown,” his new reality show, debuts June 30 on Bravo.

Bobby wouldn’t rule it out. “I don’t know. We were shooting during the time that she started rehab so….you’ll see a transformation of just coming out of rehab into full blown-out woman again.”

Bobby promises the reality won’t be sugar-coated. Any arguments on camera? “Yes, there is a bunch of those. We argue like ten times a day, so...”

What are the arguments about?

”Where is my socks? Who moved my glasses? Just little things.”

There’s one area that’s off-limits, however. The bedroom.

“I shut the door for that,” says Bobby. “Can’t come into the bedroom. I don’t let anyone in the bedroom. That’s the wild house. The Brown’s wild house. I’m swinging from chandelierst. I’m doing the good things. I haven't kept her this long for nothing.”