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Bob Saget spent day sanitizing house: 'I have become Danny Tanner'

Looks like he has more in common with his "Full House" character than he thought.
/ Source: TODAY

Life is imitating art for Bob Saget.

The actor and funnyman posted a tweet on Thursday, joking that he’s been cleaning his home so thoroughly he’s starting to turn into his “Full House” character, notorious clean freak Danny.

The tweet is an allusion to the need to steer clear of germs during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Oh. My. God. I spend my day cleaning and vacuuming and sanitizing everything in the house. I have become Danny Tanner,” he wrote, adding a moment of much-needed levity to this public health crisis.

Several people had some fun responding to him.

"Cut. It. Out. @DaveCoulier," someone joked, echoing the popular catchphrase said by Saget's co-star Dave Coulier, who was also tagged.

"You've come Full House, I mean Full Circle," another person quipped.

And while the jokes were rolling like the hills of San Francisco where the Tanners live, at least one person reminded us that Saget's actions make a lot of sense in these times.

"We could all learn from Danny at this time. Nothing particularly wrong with that," the person pointed out.