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Bo Bice busts his foot onstage

The ‘Idol’ runner-up blames his tennis shoes
/ Source: The Associated Press

For Bo Bice, it’s the shoes.

The “American Idol” finalist broke his foot Sunday night performing in Manchester, N.H. — and says his misfortune is due to a change in footwear.

“There’s a part where I go running across the stage and do these jump-ups and flip around in circles and normally I wear cowboy boots, but about three or four shows ago, they started sliding on me,” Bice told MTV News.

“I was worried I was gonna trip and fall and hurt myself, so I changed to tennis shoes and they got a lot better grip, too good of a grip.”

He landed wrong and felt a snap: “I tried to stand back up and just collapsed. I thought, ‘Something’s not good here.”’

Bice was singing “I Don’t Want to Be,” his first song of the “American Idols Live!” concert when he slipped. He managed to finish the tune and the other four songs in his solo set.

He plans to finish the tour.

“I think I’m gonna get away with wearing an air cast and I’m going to have to use this bone-regenerator kinda thing,” he said. “It’s looking like no more running around for the rest of the tour. I’m gonna be stuck trying to pull off a piano song or something.”