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Blogger spoils entire upcoming 'Bachelor' season

Bob D'Amico / ABC / Today
Brad Womack returns to the 15th season of "The Bachelor," but a blogger has already spoiled the season.

The folks at ABC might be a bit angry about this: Steve Carbone, who runs the blog RealitySteve.com, has just laid out the entire upcoming season of "The Bachelor" in which Brad Womack, who declined to pick a winner in season 11, returns to find the woman of his dreams.

As realityblurred.com noted, Carbone offered up the details of each episode on his blog, from the date nights that Womack and the women enjoy to each Rose Ceremony elimination. And yes, he even reveals the lady Womack chooses to be his beloved.

But why would he do such a thing and potentially ruin the show for so many viewers? Apparently, he's a little annoyed with the network after it had him cut from E!'s "Bachelor" special.

Season 15 of "The Bachelor" premieres Jan. 3 at 8 p.m.


Read the full story on realityblurred.com.

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