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Blindfolded Chris Pratt has no problem identifying treats in 'What Is My Snack' game

Chris Pratt has a nose for food. He can identify a snack, healthy or otherwise, simply by smelling and touching it.

He showed off his incredible skill for E! News in a game called “What Is My Snack?”

The game was inspired by the actor’s ongoing, highly entertaining video series #WHATSMYSNACK, in which he’s eaten sashimi, rapped about a carrot cake muffin, and discovered all sorts of other ways to make us laugh while whipping himself into tip-top shape for the second “Jurassic World” movie.

E! News put a blindfold on Pratt, 37, and presented him with a series of snacks to sniff and feel. It took all of one second for Pratt to correctly identify the first snack: a couple of Pop-Tarts.

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You were a little too quick on that one, Chris. Have you been sneaking a Pop-Tart or two into your diet lately?

When asked for the flavor of the Pop-Tarts, he guessed it was cherry. It was actually strawberry, but let’s give him a pass since he didn’t taste the Pop-Tarts.

E! News
Pop-Tarts, Cheetos ... is there any delicious snack Pratt can't sniff out?

Pratt went on to accurately identify plates of gummy bears, kale chips, dried strawberries, Cheetos and Oreo cookies.

“Dude, I am really crushin’ it,” he said at one point. He sure was. His #WHATSMYSNACK series is really paying off!

Even if it is forcing him to drink “green juice” made out of “swamp water” and possibly “boogers.”

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