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Blimey! Car Trouble for Kate and Pippa Middleton

Guess not everything Kate Middleton touches turns to sold. Just most things.
/ Source: E!online

Guess not everything Kate Middleton touches turns to sold. Just most things.

Earlier this month, an enterprising young Brit decided to put the duchess' pre-royal wheels--a 2001 VW Golf in, naturally, royal blue-- up for auction, with a starting bid of just under $33,000.

Fanatics had a whopping 10 days in which to outbid each other for this piece of historical monarch memorabilia. So, while visions of dollar pound signs undoubtedly danced in the auctioner's head, in the end, just how much did the car go for?

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Despite being on the auction block for 10 days, and amassing a none too shabby 23 bids from five different bidders on eBay's U.K. site, the car failed to sell.

That's because the reserve amount placed on the item by the seller was not met by the bidders. Which begs the question, just how much was he expecting, anyway?! As it happens, the highest bid came in at roughly $78,395. Bear in mind, the man selling the royal used ride purchased it from Kate's brother James Middleton back in 2009 for just $3,749.

While that profit margin seems more than tidy, it was apparently not acceptable to the seller (his reserve amount has not yet been made public, but prior to the sale, a U.K. auction house estimated that the car--royal pedigree and all--was worth somewhere in the ballpark of $48,000...sounds like someone royally screwed himself).

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"At this stage, the vehicle is still available but fortunately for me there is no rush or need to sell it straight away," the car's 21-year-old owner Sonny Brazil told England's Newbury Today. "I have dipped my toe in the water and am pleasantly surprised with the attention and bids it has received on eBay."

He said that he is currently sifting through email offers and may yet find the right price with which he'd part ways with the wheels.

Meanwhile, Her Royal Hotness Pippa Middleton isn't without car trouble of her own, having driven into a spot of bother (and a ticket) in London yesterday.

While parked in Chelsea, where Pippa shares a flat with brother James, paparazzi were quick to notice that it wasn't just any posho's BMW Z4 with a parking violation that had gotten clamped--it was the BMW Z4 belonging to the sister-in-law of the future king.

Talk about a bum deal.

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