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Blake Shelton tries sushi for the first time against his will and it's hilarious

/ Source: TODAY

Sorry, ladies: Looks as though you won't find Blake Shelton at any sushi restaurants in the near future — or ever, for that matter.

The country singer, who recently released his 10th studio album, "If I'm Honest," was reminded of the reason he's never tried sushi while on a date with Jimmy Fallon at Nobu.

The meal was off to a rough start before the sushi even came out, when he was handed a hot towel.

"Don't eat this," Fallon joked to Shelton. "It's not a sushi roll; it's a hot towel. You clean your hands with it."

Then came the sake, which he thought tasted like "Easter egg coloring." He did, however, seem to develop a palate for the rice wine and kept asking for more on numerous occasions throughout the meal.

When the sushi finally arrived, Fallon tried putting his dinner date, who was using beginner chopsticks, at ease.

"Don't be freaked out," Fallon reassured Shelton. "Look how colorful; look how beautiful!"

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But the "Voice" coach didn't see the beauty; all he saw was a "human tongue" and as the meal went on, his disgust only grew stronger.

He took one look at the sea urchin and said, "I'm going to pretend like this isn't happening."

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The harsh sushi critic paid close attention to the texture of both the ginger, which he compared to pre-chewed gum, and the tuna.

"The texture is Play-Doh," Shelton said of the tuna. "But I will say this to you right now, man to man, I like that."

If the speed at which he threw back the uni shot was any indication, it's safe to say the tuna wasn't all he enjoyed.

It didn't go down as easy for Fallon, who got a taste of his own medicine when he practically threw it up.

By the end of the meal though, Shelton had earned himself a Big Mac — and it's probably never tasted so good!