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Watch the moment Blake Shelton failed to recognize old bandmate during 'Voice' auditions

“Sounds like there’s some history there. That’s normally not a good thing with me,” Shelton said.
/ Source: TODAY

Blake Shelton got a blast from the past on Monday night’s 20th season premiere of “The Voice” when one of his former bandmates tried out during the blind auditions.

The reunion occurred after Shelton and John Legend turned their chairs around when Pete Mroz, 45, performed Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home."

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While speaking to Shelton, Legend and fellow coaches Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas, Mroz joked about how old he was.

“You can’t be older than Blake,” Legend shot back.

“I’m gonna get to you,” Mroz said, pointing to Shelton, who didn’t seem aware of his connection to Mroz.

“Sounds like there’s some history there. That’s normally not a good thing with me,” the "God's Country" singer joked, before Legend noted that Mroz pointed to Shelton when he turned around.

The Voice - Season 20
Blake Shelton may not have initially remembered Pete Mroz, but Mroz left enough of an impression that he signed on to the country superstar's team on "The Voice."Tyler Golden / NBC

Mroz then said he had written songs in Nashville and performed under the name Pete Mitchell in a group called The Young Riders — which happened to include Shelton — and it was then that the "Voice" coach had the realization about how he knew Mroz.

“I was in a group also called The Young Riders with Pete,” Shelton said, stunning the other coaches. “I haven’t seen this guy in 25 years!”

Mroz then jokingly accused Shelton of stealing his bass player, but Shelton had the last laugh.

“No, I gave your bass player a job,” Shelton replied.

Clarkson could hardly contain herself about the situation.

“You were in a group with him, and he doesn’t remember you?” she asked Mroz.

That’s not totally true because Shelton recalled how Mroz was a “blues guy” when he got to Nashville, prompting Mroz to compliment him on the mullet he had.

“You rocked it,” he said.

Legend then tried to woo Mroz to his team, saying it would be “the best way to get back at him for stealing your bass player.”

“All we’re gonna do is get the old group back together,” Shelton said, beginning his pitch to land Mroz on his team.

“When we say ‘group,’ it wasn’t exactly a band,” Shelton said.

“No, we kind of got together. In Nashville, they do these things called songwriter rounds, and you kind of each do your thing,” Mroz explained.

The other coaches then ganged up on Shelton, urging Mroz to pick Legend. Shelton, though, remained undeterred in his pursuit.

“Listen, obviously, we would have a blast if we got to work together again. No joke, I would love it,” Shelton said.

In the end, it was too hard to resist all the history between them.

“I got to go with the old cowboy,” Mroz said when selecting Shelton, getting the band — or at least part of it — back together again.