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Blake Shelton compares Caroline's 'Voice' to cotton candy during an amputation

"The Voice's" Caroline Pennell makes Blake Shelton think about pink blankets and cotton candy.

Last week on "The Voice," Caroline Pennell had Blake Shelton talking about pink blankets, cats and a cozy scene with Adam Levine. This week? Amputation and murder. And yes, he meant everything as a compliment.

As part of the CeeLo Green-Christina Aguilera team performance night, Caroline sang, "We're Going to Be Friends" by The White Stripes. The coaches all loved it because it was really good. But Blake … well, Blake had his own take.

"I could literally be getting an amputation and if (Caroline) was singing, all I'd be thinking about is cotton candy," he said. "I don't know what it is about you, but it is mesmerizing."

Fair enough. Not a visual we perhaps needed to see, but creative. And then … he continued: "You could have been signing about killing people, and I would have been up here wanting to skip around on the stage."

Who knows how far he might have gone if Adam hadn't called for a timeout: "Quit while you're ahead," he warned his bromance buddy.

"It is crazy," Blake continued, before looking at Adam and pausing.

"Maybe we should just tighten it up," Adam said. "Let's put a pin in that."

And so he did. "I should have left it at amputation," Blake acknowledged.

It wasn't the first time that night that Adam tried to shush his rival. 

In the viewer mail portion of the program, host Carson Daly asked the coaches who took the longest to get ready. Christina copped to that, so Carson asked about the men.

"Adam's faster now that he wears suits," Blake said. "When he wore T-shirts before, when he'd have to back over them four times in the parking lot, put them in the garbage disposal, set them on fire … it took a little bit longer."

"Shut up! Shut up!" the nattily dressed Adam said. 

"Well, we know Blake didn't take long last night, that's for sure," Carson said. "He was dressed like the Squirrel Hunter."

Tell you what, a series called "The Squirrel Hunter" starring Blake Shelton and his flannel would give the "Duck Dynasty" guys a run for their money. Tune in Thursday to both see the results and the latest fashion choices for all four coaches.