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Blake Shelton bumbles over 'Benedict Cumberbatch' on 'Tonight': 'That's a person?!'

Image: Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon.

As if there weren't enough fun gags on "The Tonight Show" already — what with Lip Flip, Water War and more — host Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new bit with the help of guest Blake Shelton Thursday night: The Whisper Challenge.

Inspired by the trend of the same name currently sweeping YouTube, Fallon and the country crooner took turns wearing headphones (with tunes blasting) while the other read a phrase aloud. The resulting guesses made for comedy gold.

When Shelton read a card that simply said, "Benedict Cumberbatch," he looked more confused than Fallon. In fact, when the host guessed the answer correctly, Shelton couldn't believe it.

"There is no way!" he said. "That doesn't even mean anything."


That's right! Apparently the "Voice" coach doesn't watch "Sherlock" and hasn't caught Cumberbatch's buzzed-about performance in "The Imitation Game" yet.

"He's nominated for an Oscar!" Fallon said.

"Who? That's a person?!" said the still-skeptical Shelton.


Be sure to watch the full competition, which Shelton ultimately dubbed "the stupidest thing" he's ever done. Trust us, it's worth it for what he thought Fallon really said when the "pumpkin spice latte" card came up.

You can catch more from Shelton when he serves as both host and musical guest on "SNL" this Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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