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'Blacklist' star Ryan Eggold gets grilled during TODAY visit

"The Blacklist" is a show of secrets and few characters have kept as many things under wraps as Ryan Eggold's Tom Keen, the mysterious husband of heroine Elizabeth Keen.

But Al Roker wasn't going to let Eggold leave Monday without trying to get him to give up some goods. Dimming the studio lights during the actor's TODAY's Take segment, he held a flashlight into Eggold's eyes and peppered him with questions: "Who is Tom Keen? Does Tom love Lizzie? Who does Tom Keen work for? Are Tom's glasses even prescription? ... Does Tom Keen whistle?"

All valid, burning questions, but few were points Eggold could expand upon. Except for one: about whistling. "I cannot whistle," the actor said. "Do not bring this up on live television.... You cut right to the core of me."

The actor did expand on the overarching theme of secrets on the show, saying that they're what make "Blacklist" so compelling week after week. "What I love about it is that you sort of introduce everything on the surface, and you meet all these characters, and then oh, wait, he has a secret, and wait, she's lying ... all those sort of layers that we can continue to pull back is what I think is interesting about it."

Still, there was one big secret Eggold was willing to reveal about himself that no one else knew.

"I'm wearing women's underwear," he said with a straight face (but also while clearly joking). "Should we cut that out?"

"The Blacklist" airs Mondays on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.