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Fans remember Chadwick Boseman surprising fans in touching video with Jimmy Fallon

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon brought ardent “Black Panther” fans together with the film's star, Chadwick Boseman back in 2018.
/ Source: TODAY

Following the news of Chadwick Boseman's death at the age of 43 late Friday, the "Tonight Show" promoted a 2018 clip of Boseman with host Jimmy Fallon that has since gone viral, pinning the video on the show's Twitter page.

For many fans, the adventures of T'Challa, Killmonger and the fictional nation of Wakanda were and still are a way to be seen in a whole new light.

And on "Tonight Show," Fallon gave a select group of those fans a way to be heard, too — by T'Challa/Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman!

The short video is equal parts inspiring and hilarious. Fans share their thoughts about the film while standing in front of a "Black Panther" poster featuring Boseman. And what they have to say goes way beyond, "I liked it."

"For me as the mother of a young son, my son's childhood has been defined by (President) Barack Obama and now 'Black Panther,' so thank you," says a mom, standing with her child.

The star of Black Panther greeted some fans in a surprising, heartfelt way on Jimmy Fallon
We love how awed the young man is to meet Black Panther!NBC

"To see this movie showed me our stories need to be told," says an aspiring filmmaker.

One man, whose scientist father is from Ghana, says, "Basically, everything that represents me was honored in this movie."

BLACK PANTHER, Chadwick Boseman, 2018. (C) Marvel
Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther/T'Challa in "Black Panther."Everett

After each person speaks, Fallon pulls back a curtain to let Boseman stride through, and the reactions are priceless. Hugs! Near tears! Grateful joy! A Howard University student even runs in excitement after Boseman echoes her chant of "H-U!"

One commenter on Twitter shared, "watched this at the time. Am not black, I am white but got emotional at the time because I could see what having a movie like Black Panther meant to black people. Beyond time it had happened."

Another tweeted, "This hits different, long live the king."

After the touching segment aired back in 2018, Boseman shared the love on social media.

"Loved every minute of this," the actor wrote on Twitter.

Chris Evans, who played Captain America in the Marvel movie series, also chimed in.

"I could’ve watched an hour of this. @chadwickboseman is the king," he responded in a tweet.

There are so many great moments, but here's one of our favorites: One woman says the film performed a kind of miracle — "it got me to see an action movie" — and is having a lovely, star-struck moment with Boseman when she kind of half-turns and sees Fallon is also in the room.

"Oh, hey Jimmy, how ya doin'?" she asks, casually.

That's right, folks: When the actual Black Panther was in the room, Jimmy Fallon had to take a back seat.

As one fan says, "Wakanda forever!"