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Birkhead a step closer to custody of baby?

According to reports, the judge in the paternity dispute over Anna Nicole’s baby has made it clear that a DNA test is imminent.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Following the latest hearing over the custody of young Dannielynn, Larry Birkhead sat down with Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts for an exclusive, revealing interview.

According to reports, the judge in the paternity dispute over Anna Nicole’s baby has made it clear that a DNA test is imminent.

While Birkhead could neither confirm nor deny the judge’s decision, he was clearly overjoyed immediately following the hearing.

“You had a big smile on your face when you walked out,” Tony said. “I know you can’t say much, but how do you feel?”

“I feel really good. What seems like has taken months and months in California basically is going pretty quick here in the Bahamas. I feel good about that. I think good things are coming pretty soon,” Larry revealed.

And if it wasn’t the judge’s decision that brought a smile to his face, perhaps it was the fans who greeted Birkhead outside of the courtroom with cheers and applause.

“If I said April looks like a really good month for you with all things considered, would that be a fair statement?” Tony asked Birkhead.

“April will be like the greatest month of my life, I’m hoping. I mean, you never know. You just hope for the best and I’m pleased with what I heard today and I’ll stay as long as I have to stay to get done what I need to get done,” Birkhead explained.

When asked by Tony if dinner tonight with his father might be somewhat celebratory, Birkhead couldn’t hide his smile.

“After court today, with your dad and his wife, will you go tonight and have a very good dinner?” Tony asked.

“A very good dinner,” Birkhead grinned. “We’ll have some celebrations. I think that things are coming.”

Then, in perhaps the most telling remark of all, Birkhead spoke about the baby nursery he had set up in anticipation of a court victory.

“It’s a good thing that I started my nursery when I did,” he smiled.

Birkhead said he would return to court on Tuesday.

“So Tuesday’s your day,” Tony said to Larry.

“Tuesday’s the day,” Birkhead replied

“Will you be able to sleep at all the next couple of nights, or will you sleep soundly now maybe?” Tony asked.

“I think I might get a little more sleep,” Birkhead sighed with a smile. “It’s getting a little bit better as each day as things become more positive and you have more time to deal with grief and things like that, so you know, I hope so.”

Potts confirmed through other sources that DNA experts will be called to testify.

“It sounds to me like the judge will then pick a DNA expert and then at some point, probably very quickly, order DNA samples. That would be my educated guess because that is the way it would have to proceed chronologically,” Tony noted.

However, it was not clear whether any DNA samples had been collected yet.